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Selling Your House: Useful Tips

If you have decided to build a new home, chances are you have a home that you will need to sell. In this post, we will give you a few inexpensive tips for successfully selling your house.

First things first, what is the first thing that a potential buyer sees when coming to see your house? That’s right, the front yard. You will want to be sure that all grassy areas, as well as all trees and shrubbery are neatly trimmed, and that the area is clean and free of debris. A few potted plants, or flowers can be added for color. Be sure that the doorway or porch is clean, and free of any unnecessary items. All windows should be clean, as should the door itself. If needed, a coat or two of paint will can the door like new.

Upon entering teh home, one of the first things that people will notice is pet odors. We’ve all seen the commercials about going ‘nose blind’ to our pet’s smell. Litter boxes should be emptied and washed, and all waste should be removed from them frequently. If you can, put it in a basement so that it is out of sight. Any pet hair should be vacuumed up daily. If a buyer sees fur and smells pet odors, they will think that the house is not clean and has been poorly taken care of.

Next, remove as many personal items as you can. I mean you’re moving anyway, might as well get a jump on the packing, right? All personal pictures should be removed, as well as neutralizing any areas that are themed. By this, I mean if your family are all huge Ohio State fans, and your family room is all decked out in Buckeye colors and memorabilia…  those items should be packed away. A buyer wants to imagine their pictures and their possessions in the home, and that is kind of hard to do when there are pictures of your family and your memories at every turn.

Another thing that is alluring to buyers is lighting. All lighting fixtures and lamps should be clean with new and bright bulbs in them. All window treatments and/or blinds should also be clean and left open. This allows natural light to enter the rooms. Walls should be cleaned and in good repair. If needed, add a coat or two of paint.

A major selling point for many buyers is the kitchen. The kitchen is a place where odors can hang in the air. One way to rid your kitchen of odors is to put several inches of very hot water to your sink, and add a few drops of dish soap and drain it with the disposal on. You can also do the same thin using lemon zest.  Again, all personal items should be put away. Do the same with the cabinets and drawers, because. Leave out only what you and the other members of your household will be using, as people will be opening your cabinets and drawers when looking at your house.

This tip is about closet and storage space. Packing away at least half of the items in all of your closet, and what ever is left should be organized neatly. This will make the closets appear bigger.

Also, it is not always a good idea to do a lot of costly renovations. They can be nice, but if your goal is to try to save money for a down payment on your new house, this is not the way to approach it. Should you decide to take on a huge project, just know that you most likely will not see a big return in your investment right away.

These things being said, you would be surprised how far a few changed light bulbs, some fresh paint, and a little de cluttering can get you!

Good luck selling your house!

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